Missing a Friend in Spring

The first day of spring this year is making me feel a little sad. Spring meant that Maestro and I could start riding outdoors again. However, on July 3, 2013 I lost my best friend after spending more than half of our lives together. I am so lucky to have had him in my life for 15 years. This will be my first spring without Maestro. I miss him, so here are all of the happy things that I remember about spring time with Maestro…

The thing I miss the most is Maestro being a complete pig in the mud, he loved it! It always made me laugh seeing him like this and he was still such a beautiful horse. I’d basically brush all of the mud off him and it would transfer right on to me, I’d be covered in horse hair and dust.

I am so glad I have this photo. Somehow his legs are the cleanest part of his body. He was very talented as you can see.

It was a particularly muddy spring that year.

 Baths were a essential in spring…

…but the cleanliness never lasted.

You can see the disappointed slump in my shoulders as he rolls in the dirt. His withers were high and he could never completely roll over. He would flop down on one side, rub his face and neck vigorously in the dirt. Get up. Flop down on the other side. He would repeat the process until he felt sufficiently dirty.

He was completely charming and gentle. There was never a kick, a buck, a rear or a bite from him. He was loved by everyone despite is messy stall and love of mud.

Maestro is buried where I can go visit him and plant clover (his favourite) in the spring. My new spring tradition.

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