Cozumel – Mexico 2012

Thowback Thursday Cozumel, Mexico! Coz is an island off of the main land of Mexico that is both friendly and beautiful. There are a number of day excursions to do on your own where you will see some amazing sights. This post is packed with snorkeling, fishing, day trips, boats, ruins and beaches…

April 2012 over the Easter long weekend, my two friends and I headed to Mexico for some fun.

We arrived at the airport and cleared customs. A shuttle was ready to take us to our resort, El Cozumeleno, which was affordable, allowing us the time and money to spend a majority of our time off the resort.

The pool was great for those wishing to lounge and enjoy the sun.

I will say that the staff at El Cozumeleno was phenomenal. Breakfast in bed was a highlight!

Beach at El Cozumeleno

Night out in Cozumel!

On our trip, we booked a fishing tour and headed out for a half day on the water where we caught a few fish but also enjoyed the sights from the water.

I can still remember sitting on the stern of the boat with my feet in the water.

Our catch of the day was served up that evening.

The next day, in search of sea turtles, we took the ferry to Playa Del Carmen, just across the way from Coz.

The Spanish influence is undeniable in Playa Del Carmen.

Playa Del Carmen is a popular area with a number of shops and beaches to accompany the resorts.

We took a quick stop at the beach before heading to Tulum to enjoy the water and have a beer.

A taxi ride took us to Tulum which is the best place to see sea turtles. The cabby dropped us off and we went in to rent our snorkeling gear complete with a guided tour for $20.

Our guide was incredibly helpful in pointing out all of the wildlife in the water, including stingrays.

Sea Turtles!

The Sea turtles were so huge. I can’t even describe what it was like seeing them.

The fish were so vibrant in the water like glow sticks at night.

A quick shot in Tulum before leaving.

We took another taxi back to Playa Del Carmen and shopped for a bit before heading back to Coz.

Beer and beach bags!

Wanting to see more of the island, we rented a car and headed out around Coz the next day. The first stop was Money Bar Beach Club for some snorkeling!

Cozumel is known for snorkeling for obvious reasons. We purchased our own set of masks and snorkels so that we could take them on our road trip around the island.

Playa Corona was a more secluded snorkeling spot where we stopped for a while.

Eel! UGH!

Playa Corona was quiet and relaxing for a quick stop.

Mr. Sancho’s Beach Resort is along the way around the island. It features shops and an all-inclusive feature.

There is also horseback riding if you like. They had a horse named Gringo Killer who seemed to hold true to his name. As horsey girls, we had to tell some curious tourists to get away from the horse with his ears pinned and swinging his rear towards them.

We continued our drive around the island stopping at a small beach restaurant with amazing views.

Bright and early the next day, I headed to the San Gervasio ruins and got there before the tours arrived and the shops weren’t even open yet. I kept thinking in the back of my mind that it seemed rather dangerous walking alone in the ruins in Mexico, but hey! Whatever.

The ruins were a fun experience, especially being there as soon as they opened.

We only stayed for 4 days, but as you can see, it was action packed! Thanks for the experience, Mexico!

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