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Every August I try to head back to New Brunswick to visit my grandparents. They live in St. Andrew’s which is a quaint little town sitting on the most lovely harbour off the Bay of Fundy called Passamaquoddy Bay.

Sunrise at the lake.
Nearly a full moon at the lake.

I also spend a lot of time out at the cottage on Digdeguash Lake. It has gotten quieter in recent years, which isn’t a bad thing. The nice thing about the lake is that the far side is crown land and isn’t likely to be developed.

Every year I’ve gone, we’ve rented kayaks and paddled around Navy Island in the harbour.

I sometimes forget that there are tides despite growing up on the East Coast. The Great Lakes in Ontario have made me almost forget that even though they are huge, they aren’t like the Atlantic.

I remember being so excited as a kid to get to go to the wharf for ice cream and look out over the harbour.

 Just outside of town is Minister’s Island. It is easy to access at low tide because a sandbar appears and it allows you to drive over to the island. I think next summer I’m going to have to head over and do a tour again. 

The sandbar at Minister’s Island during low tide.

Ossie’s is pretty much a staple for lunch and dinner around the area. It is conveniently located on the way from the cottage to town. Great seafood!

On my trip last year, I made it to the Hopewell Rocks where you can walk on the ocean floor.

I had never been and was thrilled to get to go and experience it! The tides are so powerful and move so fast.

Looking up at the Hopewell Rocks

I always enjoy my time going back to New Brunswick. I hope next year I’ll get to take some more photos and do some more adventuring around the area.

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