Stratford Festival and Rundles

Every year my mother and I go to Stratford to see a play and explore the town. This year  we were given a special offer and invited to eat at Rundles Restaurant. We chose Love’s Labour’s Lost and booked our reservation and headed to Stratford in mid-September for the most beautiful meal I’ve had.

We always arrive early afternoon and get a chai latte at Balzac’s and stroll down the street looking at all the kitchen, women’s wear and specialty shops.

Rheo Thompson Candies always has a beautiful seasonal display of their chocolates and candies.
We had beautiful weather to stroll around the town and admire the gardens and shops.
We arrived at our reservation and were greeted by the lovely staff who showed us to our seat and started us off with a glass of champagne. We browsed the menu and concluded that everything sounded amazing. We were so excited for our first course to come.
I started with the seasonal soup which was a local corn. The presentation was spot on and the taste was phenomenal.
My mother started with the Grilled Baby Leek and Shimeji Mushroom Salad.
Before our mains, we were given an amuse “shot” which was a fun treat.
Our bone-in Ontario angus rib steak was accompanied by potato pavé, roast cauliflower and chimichurri.
 I loved the roasted cauliflower with tumeric and the potatoes, flakey and buttery, were delightful. It was an excellent dish and I am glad we ordered it.
After we finished our main course we ordered our desserts–vanilla roasted local peaches and a selection of goats milk cheeses.
The local peaches were stunning and the colours on the plate were exceptionally appealing.
Dessert was so beautiful.  The goats cheese plate came with almonds, wild greens, and pistachio butter.
The peaches came with granola and spiced ice milk.
I couldn’t resist the close up! I finished off the meal with a cappuccino.


The servers were great and the meal was wonderful. Again, this is probably the most beautiful meal I’ve ever eaten.
Now, there are a couple of downsides to the meal. We were asked on three separate occasions if we would like still or sparkling water at the start. At the end I had received my cappuccino but we had also ordered a coffee with dessert. Staff didn’t bring the coffee, nor did they come by the table for us to remind them.
That said, you will NOT be disappointed with the food.
We headed out after the meal and walked over to our threatre to see the play. Love’s Labour’s Lost was an entertaining play, but I did find my ability to follow along wasn’t consistent.

It was a wonderful day and I enjoy getting to spend time doing things like this with my mother.

You can catch next season at the Stratford Festival and at Rundles in the spring of 2016. Stratford will be showcasing the theme, “After the Victory”. The playbill for 2016 is below and features some awesome plays! I can’t wait to see the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe!

Rundles menu will change, but I am hoping to get to go back again!

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