Mushroom Foray

A few weeks ago I went on a Mushroom Foray at Long Point Eco Adventures. The foray was guided by Robin Tapley who is just thrilled by being outdoors. I love it!

I seem to have forgotten how much I enjoy blogging! I’ve been doing some pretty fun things lately and I’d like to keep track of these adventures.

I had been hoping I’d see similar mushrooms to the ones that grow on the front lawn to see if I could eat them or not, but it turns out that you probably just shouldn’t eat wild mushrooms unless you’re prepared to analyse it thoroughly!

 We found many beautiful, yet poisonous, things on our guided walk through the trails.


 Jewelweed was probably the find that I was most thrilled about to this point along the walk. I loved the seeds that popped open with the slightest touch and the leaves that turn silver in the water.

 I’ll now post some photos of the inedible mushrooms we saw. They are not quite easy to identify since many are dried out.



This mushroom felt the sole of a horse’s hoof.

Just like pages from a book.
I loved the colours in this.

 We made our way through the forest and stumbled upon these giant puffball mushrooms that were the size of someone’s skull! I’ve never seen anything like these before.

We took the mushrooms back to the tents in preparation for our lunch!

 Did I mention the foray includes a meal and many wine pairings from Burning Kiln Winery which happens to be just across the street?

 Our puffball was skillfully prepared by the Blue Elephant‘s Executive Chef, Heather Pond, and served on top of our amuse.


We moved on to a salad with seasonal corn and leeks, as well as mushrooms!

Now we have our cream of mushroom soup!

Next was roasted chicken with mushroom sauce and fingerling potatoes.

 Following that, we had dessert which was a filled meringue.

 It was a great way to spend the day and while I didn’t figure out if I can eat the mushrooms on my front lawn, I did get to see those insane puffballs!

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