Packing for Panama

Soon I will be heading down to Panama for two weeks! I’m beyond excited. I’ve been preparing for the trip while still trying to be frugal since I want to optimize my spending cash down there and be mindful of not over packing…

We’re spending a majority of the time where we will have all of the comforts from home, just on a beach front property! We’ll be doing day trips throughout the Chiriquí province because we also have access to a car. The later part of the trip will be on the San Blas Islands with a night in Panama City on either end. I’m taking a 40L pack that I’ve borrowed and doing carry on (so 100ml bottles only).

Packing List

It looks like I’m taking a lot of stuff, but everything is pretty small. Here it is all laid out (minus a couple of things).

My essentials are the SteriPEN and Nalgene (not pictured) because I refuse to use bottled water while on the islands, the headlamp while on the island to move around at night, my camera, and a lock for hostel lockers. 

 I’ve read that packing cubes are really good for organizing so I’ve grabbed a few lingerie wash bags from the dollar store to use as packing cubes to keep everything organized. Bonus! the wash bags were cheap and I’ll use them when I get back!

UPDATE – February 18, 2016

Now that I’m back, here is a quick recap.

Things that were essential: Nalgene, dry bag (kept out water/bugs/ants), lock, headlamp, headband (unruly hair was kept manageable)

Things that were totally useless: SteriPEN (literally no water on the island), hair straightener (humidity…need I say more?), make up (it just melted off…)

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