My Favourite Podcasts

I’ve recently become obsessed with podcasts because they work so well as entertainment on my commute and sometimes I learn something new!

I have to say I’ve had to weed through a few crap-tacular ones in order to get a good list of podcasts that fill my 2 hour commute so if you’re looking for a solid podcast line up, look no further!

I love listening to Sofie Hagen and Deborah Frances-White’s comedy as they poke fun at themselves in their, “I’m a feminist, but…” section of the show. I also appreciate their honesty when it comes to discussing their feminist viewpoints on topics like exercise, eat, saying “sorry”, and advertising. It’s a great podcast and it will give you some real insight on how real, empowered women deal with every day life, even if they don’t always take on the world in the most “feminist ways”.


GirlBoss Radio is a fun podcast to listen to if you’re a young female looking for some inspiration, thinking about maybe start your own business or even excelling in your current career. Sophia interviews a successful woman each week and some of the stories are facinating. My favourites so far have been Courtney Love, Charlize Theron, Kay Cannon and Gregg Renfrew. Yeah ok, sometimes Liz and Sophia can be annoying at the beginning, but they can also be funny as hell, so it’s really a crapshoot.



This is the best foodie podcast ever! Gravy is created by the Southern Foodways Alliance and it highlights southern food trends, history and evolution. It is so fascinating to listen to and it makes me love the south even more. Make sure you check out the episode called, “Fighting for the Promised Land: A Story of Farming and Racism”.


The Self Help Hipster

Lianne and Andrew do their monthly podcast based around a self-help book review, 30-day challenges and some of their current obsessions. It’s a really entertaining podcast that is great for getting ideas for some self-help changes you can make in your life. I also get a kick out of their current obsessions part of the podcast.


Modern Love

This podcast is based off of the New York Times column of the same name. Notable celebrities tell reader-submitted stories and the host has a chat with the author at the end of the podcast. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are sad, but it’s always an enjoyable podcast.


War College

This is one of those podcasts that makes me feel just a little bit smarter. This podcast gives a good balance of current events and some history. I’ve always been a history buff, especially war history, so this podcast was right up my alley. The current events are really interesting as the experts talk about things like ISIS, Guantanamo Bay, NATO and Russia. Now you can have some material to talk about at the next family gathering.



I think everyone has heard of Serial, so I feel like I should include it on this list. It is a great podcast and I’ve recommended it to many friends. Season 1 was really engaging and I probably listened to it within 3 days. Season 2 was not quite as gripping, but it was still interesting. Make sure you start with Season 1 as it kind of sets the mood of the podcast. Sarah Koenig takes you through the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee and offers you enough information to try and come to your own conclusions as to whether or not the man convinced of the murder, Adnan Syed, was actually the murderer. This is especially interesting because the case from Season 1 is now being looked at by a new lawyer in hopes that the case will be reopened as many believe the previous defense attorney botched the case.

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