Boquete and Finca Lerida, Panama

During our stay at the beach house, we took a day trip to the highlands area of Chiriquí to  a town called Boquete. The highlands region was a quite a difference from the beach house.

We went to Boquete hoping to get to explore some coffee farms and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The coffee tours seemed over priced so we decided to do some exploring on our own and ended up at Finca Lerida.

After exploring a couple of markets in town, where I bought a coffee bean bracelet, we took a drive up the hill and found Finca Lerida. We drove up to the gate, hoping for a tour of the farm, but we missed the last tour. They let us through and told us to go and enjoy the farm at our own pace.

I loved seeing the coffee beans still in their cherries

There were so many humming birds throughout the perfectly manicured farm

We found a guava tree and one of the gardeners kindly picked us a few pieces of fruit.

Banana trees are pretty much everywhere throughout Panama. It still amazes me seeing different types of vegetation growing.

The farm offers lodging for guests and also caters to weddings.

The humming birds loved these flowers. If you know what any of the flowers are in this post, please leave a comment!

The beans are taken down the hill to the processing area where they separate out the beans from the cherry. I’m not a coffee bean farm expert, but watching the processing was pretty cool.

After the coffee farm, we headed back down the mountain to Boquete using the Via Boquete and came across this waterfall and these ruins.

Also along the route was this incredible rock wall where they offered very expensive climbing equipment on site. Still pretty cool!

Back in Boquete we found an awesome local craft brewery, Boquete Brewing Company, and had a few samples before setting off towards the beach again.


  • Boquete was an excellent place to visit.
  • If you’re looking for a cheap place to eat (honestly, you can eat well for $3.25 instead of the touristy spots which are on average $15), just venture off to a side street and check out one of the local restaurants.
  • Don’t be afraid to venture off on your own instead of paying for an expensive tour. If you’re looking for coffee, Finca Lerida is a great stop and you can buy a coffee in their shop and grab some beans to take home as well.
  • Also, watch the road because workers on their way home will often be walking on the sides. Everyone is really friendly so be sure to wave and say hello.

I can’t wait to visit Boquete again and I look forward to exploring more of this area.

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