My Top 5 National Geographic Expeditions

My Grandpa was an avid photographer and traveler. He and my Grandma went all over North America, Europe and Africa. I remember seeing his slideshows, hearing stories and seeing pictures. He was also a joker and I remember him telling me that he ate monkey brains in Egypt (I believed him).

Grandpa loved National Geographic. He collected Nat Geo and cataloged the issues so you could easily find places and articles. National Geographic’s Expeditions would have been something he’d have really enjoyed. They are basically the ultimate travel tours to destinations spanning the entire world and you can choose from many focuses: luxury; expeditions; active adventures (with G Adventures); cruises; budget friendly; family friendly; and even summer travel for teens. Not only that, but you can choose tours based on interests: photography; history and culture; climate and geography; archaeology and ancient history; wildlife; and more!

I’d absolutely love to go on every single Nat Geo Expedition if given the chance. Until that time comes (when I win the lottery), I’ve picked out my top 5 expeditions and I hope to be able to do these adventures in my lifetime.

1. Hiking Patagonia Adventure

Patagonia is the Southern most tip of South America and spans both Chile and Argentina. Patagonia is an ecologically diverse region of the world that features grasslands, deserts, breathtaking mountain ranges, fjords and rain forests. The wildlife diversity ranges from flamingos to penguins and there are numerous Andes species who thrive in this habitat…there also happen to be a few intruders as well like the North American beaver.

This trip is #1 on my list for obvious reasons. The activity level required for this trek is something that I’d want to do while I’m still young and adventurous. This hiking tour from Nat Geo Expeditions takes you through two national parks, Torres del Paine in Chile and Argentina’s Los Glaciares to experience Patagonia. Just check out these photos, breathtaking…


2. The Holy Land: Past, Present, and Future

I remember seeing pictures of my Grandma floating in the Dead Sea and I’ve always wanted to do the same. I also have an obsession with the Holy Lands because of my history background. This tour is right up my alley because it mixes culture, history, archaeology, and beauty into one tour. Oh, and I’d totally get the Petra-Jordan add-on. This tour is led by Aziz Abu Sarah who was named a 2011 National Geographic Emerging Explorer for his groundbreaking work as a cultural educator and he is the expert to teach you about the region’s history.

This tour is something that will likely need to happen during a time of peace. Hopefully safety and security will increase for those who live here and that it will allow travelers to experience this beautiful part of the world – fingers-crossed.


3. Photo Workshop: Wyoming’s Cowboy Country

I particularly want to take part in the Wyoming’s Cowboy Country Nat Geo Expedition photography workshop. Not only do you get to spend time on the ranch, but you also get to be taught by Pulitzer Prize–winning photographer, Jay Dickman. I actually debated about doing this tour as #1, but I feel that I could do this workshop during my retirement. This would be the perfect opportunity to hone my photography skills!


4. Human Origins: Southwest France and Northern Spain

Here is my history background coming back into play! I haven’t mentioned yet that I still secretly want to be an anthropologist. This trip takes you to the most vast paleolithic art deposit known in the world. This tour is led by Paleoanthropologist, Chris Stringer. Amazing. It’s something I’ve wanted to see and learn more about for a long time and if I get to drink wine while I do it, I’m totally on board!


5. Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falklands

This is my #1 choice, however, it is my last choice here because a trip like this will probably have to wait until well into my retirement due to the price tag which starts at $23,100 and the fact that it’s a 24-day trip – but hey, a girl can dream.

I watched a documentary on the wildlife of the Falkland Islands and South Georgia when I was 15. Ever since then I’ve wanted to go down to this part of the world. From the documentary, I remember the photographer getting close and cuddly with the seals and I remember Stromness Bay, which was the location of a whaling station from 100 or so years ago. I remember they said that the whalers would launch a harpoon and they’d snag a whale nearly every time because of the huge population in the bay.

Anyway, the history, the wildlife, the natural wonders of Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands really draw me and I’d just love to go on this trip. Bonus! The trip is also led by Field biologist and wildlife photographer, Tim Laman.



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