Tofino, BC

We’ve been to Tofino a couple of times now. Our most recent visit was in May 2016. This isn’t so much a post about the trip, rather it is an opportunity to share some pretty pictures and recommend a few places to stop when you’re heading to Tofino.

Tofino To-Do List:

Tofino Brewing Co. | Tacofino | Boogie Board | Hot Springs Cove | Beach Time | Bonfires

The last time we visited Tofino and Vancouver Island was in May of 2014, click here to read the post! It’s a bit more detailed, but this post includes a few more places to check out.

This time we stayed at Ocean Village this time and loved it! It is a calm beach so its easy to swim (with wet suits rented across the way at Live to Surf). The beach has a lot of character with many little coves to explore and see the sunset. The little cabins were fantastic for all of us and we had a great time at the resort. I didn’t get to check out the indoor pool (because I had a giant outdoor one), but I heard rave reviews!

We ate at Tacofino, of course.


Visited Cathedral Grove again! This time we checked out the North side of the grove.

On our way back, we ate at Pescadores Bistro in Port Alberni. It was fantastic and healthy. I highly recommend you stop here!

It was a sort 3-day trip, but still worthwhile and who can blame me for wanting to share these stunning pictures!

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