Los Cangilones de Gualaca during Carnivale

During our trip to Panama, we went to two river canyons. The first was Macho de Monte and the second was Los Cangilones de Gualaca. Cangilones was a ton of fun because it was so busy for the Carnivale celebrations.

We had no idea how busy the spot was going to get and we were happy we headed straight for Cangilones after an early morning airport drop off.

Los Cangilones is so awesome for rock jumping (and climbing) and swimming. We were able to enjoy the water ourselves and then watch as the party rolled in…

BBQs, sound systems, generators and beer coolers galore. It was a pretty wicked set up that the Panamanians had for the party! The whole place was covered with people by noon.

We all took turns jumping from the cliffs into the cool fresh water. I actually was brave and dove in a few times.

The only negative is that despite there being garbage cans around, people ended up littering and every time we dove in we would grab more garbage and put it in the bins. It’s so upsetting to see littering!

Lifeguards were on duty (probably not a common occurrence unless its a holiday or weekend I’d assume) and the local police were on guard as well as a fire crew who came to cut down a loose branch.

It was great to be there with all the locals who enjoyed taunting encouraging us to drive in and offering beer in return. Everyone had a great time and it was fun to listen to music and enjoy some Carnivale celebrations local-style.

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