10 Things I’m Doing for Myself Before I Turn 30

1. Establish a Fitness Routine

It’s now or never. Studies say that those who are fit in their youth are overall healthier in their old age, this includes better memory and cognitive abilities, improved heart health, and of course maintaining a healthy weight and preventing all those negatives that come along with being obese.

I wouldn’t say I’m inactive as I walk an hour a day, but increasing the intensity of my strength training and cardiovascular exercises will only help (of course, trying to avoid injuries)! That is why I’m trying to get back into a fitness routine that I love. I’ve started doing BBG at home and also I’m taking the #HereToCreate classes with Adidas Canada until October! This should be long enough to establish a routine and form a healthy habit so I can continue to do that extra workout on my own in addition to BBG.

2. Drink More Water

Our bodies NEED water especially since a woman’s body is 45-60% water! I don’t have a specific amount of water I need to drink a day, but some days my body seems to crave water non-stop. So just listen to your body and try to drink straight-up water. If you’re bored with water, try these infusions.

I saw this “scientifically proven” article yesterday that said drinking from straws is bad for three things: lip wrinkles, bloating and tooth decay. I mean the article has a point despite where it originated. Another article points out the environmental impact from producing and discarding plastic straws.

3. Drinking Less Alcohol

We know that drinking excessive amounts of alcohol isn’t great for us, especially in the long term with issues that are linked to heart and liver disease and certain cancers as well as infertility in women and hormone fluctuation (if you’re a heavy drinker). It’s recommended that alcohol consumption should be limited to 10 small drinks per week for women and it should be spread out. So don’t binge drink one night a week, it doesn’t count! In the UK it’s advised that women should not drink more than 9 small glasses of wine per week. It still sounds like a lot per week to me, but I know I’ve had the occasion where I’ve gone overboard.

Nevertheless, I’m done with the days of trying to drink a bottle of wine in two or three nights to avoid spoilage. All I really want is a glass every few nights with dinner or while watching Netflix (Stranger Things, go watch it now)! Therefore, I bought myself a vacuum sealer for my wine and I also purchased quite a few bottles of high end wine to enjoy.

4. Kick Boredom

We all know that a lot of people eat when they are bored, people also shop when they are bored. This is a huge issue because it’s emotional eating and spending money without necessity. Boredom eating usually leads to over eating and possible weight gain for the sake of wanting to break free from monotony. Boredom spending is an issue because it has the opposite effect and makes your wallet slim down because you’re looking for something new to invigorate yourself to get away from boredom. Too bad it couldn’t be the other way around for these two things, right?! We really can blame these two things on our own bodies due to the fact that both activities impact our happiness with the release of serotonin and dopamine.

When I’m bored I eat or I want to shop even though I have about a million things to do with running my own business, working full time, being active and taking care of a house and dog. So, I’ve started making lists of things “to do” when I’m at home and at work. Every time I feel bored and want to snack or go to the mall, I will do one of these activities:


  • Organize upstairs
  • Workout
  • Walk the dog
  • Browse new recipes
  • Garden
  • Work on my small business
  • Blog
  • Do laundry, etc.


  • Organize e-mail and files
  • Read new articles on the intranet or from academics
  • Take a break
  • Make tea
  • Browse the job board
  • Clean my desk, etc.

5. Get More Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can really mentally and physically hurt you if you don’t get the recommended 7-9 hours a night. Heart issues, depression, car accidents, slowed mental alertness, ageing skin…yeah I’ll skip that thanks. I wake up at 5:30 am. I really need to be in bed by 9:45 pm in order to attempt to get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep a night.

The other issue is that screen time can mess with your sleep patterns because it stimulates you and screens also emit blue light which acts similarly to sunlight. In addition to a better sleep, there are also a lot of other benefits to powering down. As a result, I plan to take the last hour of the day to not check anything! If I want some entertainment, I will listen to a podcast or some music, but no browsing Instagram!

6. Stick to my Budget

I’ve talked about this before in posts like my 30-Day Shopping Ban and Budgets – Trial and Error, but sticking to the plan and paying off debt is high on my list of thing to do in the next 3-ish years. I’ve got a few trips planned and most are paid for, so I’m going to really stick to my spending limit and try to focus on what I have, not what I want. I really don’t need for much!

Debit Card – I also want to be able to only use my debit card for purchases (no credit card!) so this will require proper budgeting to ensure I keep enough in my chequing account as I normally don’t keep funds in there.

TFSA Savings – I use my TFSA for general savings right now, but I’d really like to actually build it up and max it out ($41,000) within the next 5 years which is totally achieveable goal.

7. Get a Promotion

This MAY not happen by the time I’m 30, but I need to start dedicating myself to move up the chain and apply for new opportunities at work. Luckily my organization has upwards of 60,000+ positions so I should be able to find something! With furthering my education, taking on new responsibilities and pushing my leadership skills, I should be able to achieve this somewhere around the age 30 mark.

The main reason is that I want to continue to advance and my career and I want to earn more so I can save more. Pretty simple reasoning! I also have a specific job that I would like to do so working towards training certificates that would build my skill set to obtain that job is essential.

8. Caring About my Looks

It isn’t so much about looking good, rather it’s about feeling put together. When I’m physically a mess, hair everywhere, broken nails, bruises and scrapes, I feel like crap and it’s hard to get motivated.

It’s a rare breed of woman who truly doesn’t care about her appearance, and there are some women who only care about their appearance. But most of us fall in the middle — wanting to be appreciated and loved and valued for more than how we look, but unable to completely expunge all interest in our outward image.

The Feminist’s Dilemma: Why We Can’t Stop Caring About How We Look

When I make an effort to put my hair up, throw on a nice casual outfit and brush on a bit of make-up before heading to the store, I feel so much better. This is what I mean by caring about my looks. There is nothing wrong with that!

9. Take Care of my Skin

Much like the things above, I want to make sure my skin remains healthy and hydrated. One of my big issues is that I don’t take sunscreen seriously. I have dark olive skin and it is pretty resistant to sun burns. However, I know that I need to use more sunscreen and I’m looking at inexpensive moisturisers with SPF 30.

10. Realise that 30 is Just the Beginning

Sometimes I feel that my life is finally sorted out now that I’m almost 30. School is done, work is on track, I know who I am, I’ve established relationships, I can basically do anything I want, and I feel ready for once. 30 is going to be awesome!

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