Tobermory and Flowerpot Island

Tobermory is a little community at the farthest point of the Bruce Peninsula. It is the gateway to numerous natural wonders that will leave you in awe of Georgian Bay’s beauty. The town itself primarily serves as the ferry hub for the Chi-Cheemaun to Manitoulin Island. However, this town is also the gateway to the Fathom Five Marine Park., including Flowerpot Island.

Little Tub Harbour

Our Labour Day weekend away was booked months in advance, but we were unable to secure a cottage rental so we opted to stayed in a harbourview room at the Harbourside Motel. This little motel was a great way to enjoy the harbour and have access to all restaurants and amenities.

Tobermory To-Do List:

Flowerpot Island Pebble Beach | The Flowerpots | Fathom Five National Marine Park | Flights at the Tobermory Brewing Company | Baked Goods at Solway’s Farm Market (Wairton) | Fish n’ Chips at Shipwreck Lee’s | Ice Cream on Little Tub Harbour

Little Tub Harbour at Sunset

We arrived on Saturday around noon and grabbed lunch at a local restaurant. Georgian Bay Whitefish is a popular menu item and local specialty that you’ll find at most places in town – indeed there are numerous fish and chips joints throughout Little Tub Harbour.

Tip: try out Shipwreck Lee’s for a fun fish n’ chips time, I hear it’s good. We will be going next time.

We walked up and down the boardwalk numerous times, taking in the aqua blue of the water. This only made us even more excited for the trip out to Flowerpot Island the next day.

Bruce Anchor Boat Trips to Flowerpot Island

At 10 am on Sunday, we boarded the boat to Flowerpot Island. It was packed full since it was a long weekend. We made the right decision to book our boat ahead of time. When booking, we opted to give ourselves 6 hours on the island by booking the 4:15 pm boat back to Tobermory. This was plenty of time to allow us to have a picnic lunch, swim, hike, see the flowerpots and to relax and enjoy nature.

We started by separating ourselves from the pack and chose to do the strenuous walking loop first and then make our way to the flowerpots at the end. It was a great hike and we got to see the very cool caves on the island. We then made our way to the pebble beach and finally the flowerpots.

So my biggest tip for the visit to Flowerpot Island is to make sure you spending time at the beach near the old lightkeeper’s cottage. It was a huge highlight of the trip. Having gone on the long weekend, the flowerpots were packed and if you walk along the rocky beach, you can find a secluded area to enjoy the water on your own. Having said that, if you aren’t going on a busy weekend, then do go to swim at the flowerpots as they are a really cool place to hang out. We just wanted to be away from the crowds for swimming.


We headed back to Tobermory and went to the Tobermory Brewing Company for dinner. We also grabbed some ice cream for dessert and walked along the boardwalk back to the hotel.


5 Replies to “Tobermory and Flowerpot Island”

  1. Fantastic post and incredible photos! What camera/lens did you use? I used to go here as a kid, and hoped (but didn’t get the chance to) make it back this summer. I still remember the famous whitefish and the beauty of flowerpot island. I’ll have to find time for it next time I’m in Canada.


      1. I’ll give it a go next time. I get lazy with it. And on your previous comment, I’m already planning to go back next summer, before school is out to, camp. I hope you make it back to visit sometime between your other adventures.

        Liked by 1 person

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