The Grotto and the Bruce Trail

The Grotto is one of Tobermory’s most well known destinations. The climb down isn’t for the faint of heart  – it’s a bit tricky to get to. It requires some slippery rock climbing and comfort hiking on strenuous trails.

The Grotto and Bruce Train Semi Hipster3.jpg

But it is so worth it!

The water was quite refreshing after our hot summer, but very swimable. The aqua blue water was so surreal. We were thinking on the way home that if you looked at the pictures, not known it was Canada, where do you think they were taken? Some of our guesses were Greece, Turkey, Tunisia…basically anywhere along the Mediterranean! Is Bruce Peninsula actually the fresh water Mediterranean? I think so!

Bruce Trail To-Do List:

Swim in the Grotto | Hike the Cyprus Lake Trails | The “Pool” at the West End of Indian Head Cove | Picnic on Boulder Beach | Backcountry Camping at Stormhaven

Also, you need to know how to swim. I think we witness 2 near-drownings during our time relaxing inside the Grotto. It seems like common sense, but if you aren’t a strong swimmer, don’t attempt to go through the passage and don’t step off the rocks! Thinking about it now, if you can’t swim maybe you just should enjoy the Grotto from above.

Public Service Announcement: If you go, please take your garbage with you and even be so kind as to pick up garbage from others. Let’s keep these places beautiful!


We really enjoyed hiking along the Marr Lake Trail and the Georgian Bay Trail. We decided to venture over to a few of the other locations near the Grotto.


Along the Marr Lake trail is Boulder Beach. This is where we had out lunch and changed into our swimsuits before heading to the Grotto.

We also went to Indian Head Cove where you will find a smaller pool under an overhang to the west end of the cove. This is an understated little natural wonder that was a total surprise. We nearly thought this was the Grotto!


Next time we visit, we’re planning to do a couple of nights backcountry camping at Stormhaven, which is a short, but strenuous hike from the Grotto. I can’t wait to spend more time in this area!


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