Niagara Falls

I sometimes forget that I live so close this natural wonder. I often get turned away from visiting in the summer due to the crowds. However, on this late September afternoon during the week the falls were quiet and quite enjoyable.


I had been in Niagara Falls for a conference. Before leaving, I decided to take advantage of the free parking. I grab my last Starbucks using my hotel coupons and headed a few blocks over to the falls.

Niagara Falls To-Do List: The Falls (duh) | Journey Behind the Falls | Botanical Gardens | Butterfly Conservatory | Maid of the Mist | Aura – Winter Festival of Lights | Fireworks | Wineries

I cut through one of the many beautiful gardens that surround the area. Niagara Parks is a fantastic agency that really puts the money collected from tourism to good work. I’d recommend visiting any of their attractions! I especially enjoy the botanical gardens (free admission) and the butterfly conservatory.

Niagara Parks is also responsible for putting on the semi-regular (May to October) fireworks display which I got to enjoy on Wednesday from the Hard Rock Cafe’s upper balcony. I was excited to see that I can head back for the festive events taking place from November to January. Click here to see more about Aura – Winter Festival of Lights.

So, have you heard of the #ClaimThe8th campaign yet? If not, it’s essentially promoting the addition of Niagara Falls to the list of the 7 Wonders of the World. Why? Because Niagara Falls is literally wonderful!

There are some cool facts about the falls. My favourite is that since the Great Lakes drain into Lake Ontario, it meas that essentially 18% of the world’s fresh water supply has fallen over the edge of Niagara Falls.


During my weekday visit, it was a particularly windy day and I ended up getting soaked by the mist from the falls. It was a blast!

I may have ended up doing a little wine tour before I left the region as well…

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