Cabo San Lucas

It all started about 9 months ago when summer was in full swing and we were already anticipating winter in Canada. I don’t know what made everyone think to say, “Let’s go to Cabo!”, but we ended up booking our 2017 Girls Trip soon after.

Cabo To-Do List:

Cabo Sailing | Alcaravea Gourmet | Restaurante Los Tres Gallos | Bar Esquina | The Cape Hotel: The Rooftop, Lobby Bar, The Ledge | The Nowhere ¿Bar? | Crush

We stayed at the Misiones Del Cabo Condominiums (not the resort) which was conveniently located next to The Cape Hotel – a luxury resort where I spent a lot of time.

I may as well start from Day 1. After getting to the airport, we drove to the condo we rented, dropped our stuff off and then ran to Walmart and Costco to stock up for the week. We cooked dinner on the BBQ and enjoyed the pools for a bit and relaxed after our 5-hour flight.

We spent the next morning at the pool working on our tans. Having met some locals poolside, we made a reservation for dinner based on their recommendations and we headed in to get ready for our first night out in Cabo.

We grabbed a cab to Los Tres Gallos where we had a meal of a lifetime in the most stunning outdoor space that was complete with a kumquat tree (they were a bit sour). We highly recommend it, and not only because of the killer Mariachi Band. The food was great, the setting was astounding, and the service was awesome.

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We feasted and then headed to Cabo Wabo and stayed for a drink. The most entertaining part of Cabo Wabo was reading the writing on the bathroom walls. I do not recommend it, there are better places to go.

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On Monday we went to Todos Santos and Cerritos Beach, which are their own separate post that will be coming soon. We made it back that night for our dinner reservation at The Rooftop at The Cape. Nestled in to the comfy couches, we toasted to our trip as the sunset.

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The next day was the best day – boat cruise day! At 9:40 am we showed up to the dock and boarded the Liberty for our 4-hour cruise with Javier and Eddie. We sailed on the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. We had drinks, snorkled, paddle boarded, and lounged on the boat. I highly recommend Cabo Sailing if you’re looking for a boat cruise.

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Best seat in the house

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After the boat cruise, we did a bit of shopping at Eclectic Array and did a tequila tasting before we were pitched a resort time-share. I was feeling pretty good after the boat, but I managed to rally before we headed home. Dinner was by the poolside at the condo.

We took it easy the next day and watched the sunrise over the small swimming beach next to the condo. It was an uneventful day of lounging, but we did go to dinner at Puerta Vieja Restaurant Bar which was uninspiring.

Cabo San Lucas Girls Trip 7

The next day we ventured downtown again to shop. We had breakfast, complete with tequila sunrise shots, and set out to look for blown glass cups, dresses, and whatever else we could find. The marina was so busy and we were approached by tons of vendors. It may not be something everyone enjoys, but it is definitely entertaining. We wanted to go to Playa El Médano, but a few of us were feeling sick, so we left.

Heather and I went to The Ledge at The Cape Hotel for lunch where we had shrimp ceviche and quinoa salad. We decided to stick around and went to the Lobby Bar and ordered a gorgeous bottle of Chianti while enjoying the views of el arco. As we were chatting, we decided that there was no way we were staying in that night.

We went back to the condo and picked up our friend Cheryl (the others were having an early night) and grabbed a cab downtown to Bar Esquina. We sipped on Cabo Mules while eating what was so far the best meal of the trip, black quinoa sofritas with a green curry sauce. We sat at the bar and chatted with some locals and some divorcées from Canada for a couple of hours until we made our exit and escaped to The Nowhere ¿Bar? to get back to our girls night which was a bit monopolized by hearing the tales of relationship woe from the divorcées – we didn’t let it impact our night as we still had an awesome time at Bar Esquina. Anyway, at The Nowhere ¿Bar? we danced, met some new girl friends in the bathroom who were half our age, and then headed to grab tacos from Oscar at Tony’s Tacos before home.

There were some more restaurants that we wanted to check out downtown so the next day we went to Alcaravea Gourmet for lunch and it was SO GOOD! They also have gluten free pasta. We also finally made it to the beach! We ended up hanging out for the afternoon with a group of guys on a bachelor trip at ME Cabo beach bar and watched a full-blown argument on the patio between a couple – the whole afternoon was hilarious and I don’t think I’ve ever seen Kelly so annoyed by drunken dumbness, haha! (Also, guess who made a very brief guest appearance? That’s right! One of the divorcées, he seemed in a better place at least…but luckily left quickly.)

Dinner was at Sunset Monalisa (gluten free pizza!), where we watched the sun go down. After dinner, we ended up at The Rooftop at The Cape. We went over after dinner to grab a drink and listen to the live band. Heather and I then decided to head out with some of the bartenders from The Cape after their shift and met up with their friends downtown at Crush nightclub. Crush was a fun relaxed vibe and we got to meet some other locals who were all really nice.

Cabo San Lucas Sunset Monalisa

Our last sunset and night out was a blast. I can’t say enough great things about Cabo. All the people we met were super friendly (the locals were the best and the Americans, maybe try to kindly avoid the divorcées, lol!). I can’t wait to take Leigh there soon and I highly recommend a trip to Cabo for anyone.

To-Do Next Time:

Flora Farms | Art Walk in San Jose del Cabo | Maria Jimenez Restaurante Mexicano | Edith’s Restaurant | Eat More Tacos!

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