Todos Santos


During our trip to Cabo, we planned a road trip to Todos Santos which we knew because of Hotel California (#Basic). Todos Santos is actually a popular town for art and surfing because of its proximity to Cerritos Beach. Todos Santos has such a cool vibe and isn’t very touristy unless you’re right by Hotel California – let’s hope it stays that way…just enough to keep it thriving, but not enough to ruin the charm.

Todos Santos To-Do:

Los Adobes de Todos Santos | Cerritos Playa Publica | Hotel California for Lunch | Buy Blown Glass | Walk Calle Centenario | Caffe Todos Santos

We ate lunch at Hotel California, knowing perfectly well that we were in a tourist trap and that it isn’t actually THE Hotel California (that is assuming it is a physical place, which it isn’t). The patio was lovely, the food was decent and the service was good. I would recommend though that you grab a drink and save your meal for one of the other restaurants in town.

Todos Santos is full of little boutique hotels, shops and tucked away restaurants. The first thing you’ll want to do is find Calle Centenario as it seems to be the most condensed spot with shops. From there you can wander the rest of the town (it’s tiny, so it isn’t hard to do!). We went into the surf shop called La Katrina and I bought some coffee there that is really good! There are numerous artisan shops with jewelry, glass, pottery and art. It’s a great walk!

After walking around, we were heading back to the car and stuck our heads into one of the walk ways and noticed this amazing garden that belongs to Los Adobes de Todos Santos – a lovely restaurant that I immediately wish we ate at instead of Hotel California. We all took a stroll through the garden sipping our mojitos (made with mint cut fresh from the garden) and wine.

After having a drink, we hopped in the car and drove around trying to find beach access. We weren’t very successful, so we popped Cerritos Beach into Google Maps and headed off back towards Cabo. The road into the public parking for Cerritos Beach was a little bumpy, but manageable in our trusty mini van.

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Todos Santos Vanessa Elizabeth (15)

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Sand art.

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The wind whipped up mist off the waves which carried in the white and black granite sand that formed unique patterns as the waves washed in and out.

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The sand. The wind. The waves.

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I took at look at Todos Santos Eco Adventures and their day and overnight packages look amazing! Glamping on the beach, sea turtle camp, cooking classes and a sorts of other activities that are good for singles, couples, families and even women’s only surfing camp!

To-Do Next Time:

The Distillery | Spend a Night at a Boutique Hotel: Los Colibris Casitas, Casa Tota, Casa Bentley, Todos Santos Inn, Guaycura, Hacienda Cerritos | Spend more time here and at Cerritos Beach! | Book an Excursion with Todos Santos Eco Adventures | Go when sea turtles hatch

I feel so lucky that I get to see places like this. I could have spent all day at Cerritos Beach. Indeed, I would love to go to Todos Santos again sometime now that I’ve got a full list of things to do there.

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