10 Things I’m Doing for Myself Before I Turn 35

I originally intended to write this post back in 2017, but I stopped writing for a while. I am now 33 (as of November 2019) and it has been an amazing 3 years. I’ve travelled to a place I never thought I’d go – Israel, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt – and I’ve seen the marvels of the world. I got married in 2018 and we did a month long road trip through Portugal, Spain and France. I’ve also had my first baby, Serena, who brings me so much joy and love. I really don’t know what I would do without her.

I’ll first start with a quick update from my previous post, 10 Things I’m Doing for Myself Before I Turn 30: I definitely have established a fitness routine; I drink more water; I do drink less alcohol; I’m not bored at home or work anymore; I sleep pretty regularly; the budget could use some work; I did get a promotion; I take care of myself; I don’t worry too much about what others think; and I’ve really enjoyed my 30’s so far!

I feel like since I made my last post that I’ve rightfully grown a lot and my priorities have totally shifted. However, it was a great way to create lasting habits that have improved my health and made me a stronger person both mentally and physically.

1. Roll with the punches

I’m sitting here on an amazingly sunny and warm day in March. I’m so excited to spend the Spring and Summer with my daughter. The first thing I would like to do before I turn 35 is to roll with the punches. Since having a baby, I’ve learned that there is no wrong or right way to do things and things change daily, even hourly. It can be easy to get frustrated and feel defeated. Instead, I want to better adapt and let things go without feeling negative about the situation.

2. Keep travelling

I have been very fortunate to be able to see the world. I want to keep travelling, especially while Serena is still so young and under 2 years old. I want her to see the world and experience different cultures. I want her to be a global citizen who is caring and compassionate towards everyone she meets. I also want to travel for my own personal growth as I love getting to experience new places, see amazing things and help others.

3. Write more

I am proud to have my first written article appear in Flourish Magazine, a local Hamilton based magazine geared towards motherhood. I want to write more. I want to keep writing and perfecting this craft. I am challenging myself to write at least once per week. I have so many travel posts that I need to finish and this blog has been an essential part of my storytelling and also to keep memories fresh so I can look back on where I’ve been and where I am now.

4. Thrive at life

I want to thrive in my work, my side hustles and in my personal life. I want to dedicate the time to each venture and do the best I can to grow and thrive. I am proud of what I do and I want to share that with others. I’ll admit that when I was first asked to do Arbonne, I was apprehensive because of how I perceived MLMs and I didn’t want to be pushy and drive away friends and family. After doing more research I’ve realised that I may as well try to sell some products because I can’t count how many times I’ve recommended products to people (especially a probiotic I use for my gluten sensitivity and iron absorption) and I don’t get anything for it (other than helping my friends of course). Now, I can recommend the best vegan protein powder I’ve ever had and I will get something for it (and still help my friends). I also co-own Hamilton Food Tours and I love getting to go out and show people how awesome Hamilton’s food scene is while supporting local businesses along the way.

5. Build relationships

In being a mom, a wife, a friend, a human I want to build relationships better than I have in the past and nurture them accordingly. I have an incredible support system behind me and I sometimes fall flat when it comes to engaging and checking in on people in my life.

6. Be more positive

It is so easy to fall into a negative spiral. We had a few ups and downs over the past few months with certain people and I can’t count how many hours sleep I have lost because of this (not because of the baby!). It also goes back to my previous goal of not caring what others think of me, but also not letting things get me down when they are out of my control.

7. Keep doing yoga

I’ve been doing yoga at Del La Sole in Hamilton with Serena, it’s pretty amazing to have these types of classes that I can do with her to grow our bond while doing a workout for my mind and body.

8. Be more empathetic

I think in order to be a good parent, you must be empathetic to the problems a little learner is facing. I also think that relating to adults it is important to have empathy so they feel heard. I may not be able to relate to every situation, but I can empathize and support others.

9. Get my Project Management Professional certification

Getting my PMP will undoubtedly open new doors for me, preferably ones that allow me to advance my career and have a better work-life balance by finding a job closer to home.

10. Have another baby (?)

I loved being pregnant, I love being a mom and I want Serena to have someone to be there for her when my husband and I are gone. It is nice to start a family later in life, but it also means that we are going to be so much older when she is grown up. We don’t have particularly big families and I don’t want her to feel alone when we’re gone.

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