Decreased Milk Production and Your Period

Did you forget about your menstrual cycle after almost a year of not having your period? So did I! Though I knew it wasn’t going to be comfortable when my period came back.

What I wasn’t expecting was to see a drop in milk production during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle which starts with ovulation and ends with the period. It was quite a shock and a bit worrisome when it happened. I suddenly felt like I couldn’t feed my baby and would thaw some of the milk I had frozen on those days to feed her.

If you’re experience this as well, try taking a calcium and magnesium supplement from the day you ovulate to the day your period ends. You will want to get approximately 1,000-1,500 mg of calcium and 500-750 mg of magnesium per day depending on your diet. If you do not eat meat, you may not need as much as someone who eats meat. Yes, that’s right, if you eat meat you may need to supplement with more calcium and magnesium.

Since I began taking Calcium Plus from Arbonne three times a day along with my normal diet full of greens during the luteal phase of my cycle I have not had issues with milk production.

You do not need to supplement with calcium and magnesium the rest of the time. Indeed there have been issues linked to calcium supplements including acid rebound, constipation (note that magnesium helps to counteract this), drug interactions and health risk like kidney and cardiovascular disease (source).

Are you unsure when you ovulate? Try out Natural Cycles! I’ll do a follow up on Natural Cycles for my next post.

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