Why I Decided to Become an Arbonne Independent Consultant

I’m excited to say I am now an Independent Consultant with Arbonne! I was approached to sell Arbonne earlier this year. I was hesitant initially because I didn’t know much about the structure, but I signed up because the discount at the consultant level is excellent, especially because I regularly order from Arbonne. After a few months I’ve started to warm up to the idea of sharing my recommendations like any other product I use.

I can’t count how many times I’ve recommended products to others and I’ve gotten nothing for it so I was really interested in the fact that I may actually earn a bit of money from recommending my favourite protein powder. In turn, this has even spurred me to join the Amazon Associates program because of the number of times I’ve recommended products from there like the probiotic I take daily for gluten sensitivity and iron absorption (check out the link in my profile if you’re interested in trying it or use it and want to give me a cut!). This is what really helped me get over the awkwardness of the whole multi-level marketing format. Why shouldn’t I get paid for recommending a product I use and love?

Arbonne is a certified B corporation like Burton, Patagonia, Frank and Oak, and Klean Kanteen, to name a few. B corporations are required to work towards reducing inequality, create high quality jobs, lower levels of poverty as well as build a healthier environment and stronger communities in order to contribute to a more inclusive and sustainable economy. Arbonne also uses the best ingredients available and is always investing in innovative skin care, nutrition and beauty products.

Also, I’ve always wanted to start a health and wellness community so this was my push to do it and I’m glad I can work Arbonne products into my list of recommendations and informative posts. If you want to follow along check out @balancerevivethrive. Otherwise, you’ll see some posts from time to time on here about Arbonne.

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