Why I Love Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles is a digital birth control, pregnancy planner and pregnancy tracker that is delivered through an app on your smart phone. The app works by tracking your basal temperature to predict your ovulation date.

Natural Cycles also teaches you so much about your body and your cycle which I found to be so useful. I feel like we’ve lacked an education in our own bodies and how they work for fear of it being a taboo topic. It’s time that we learn more about our bodies and our cycles! #differentkindofbirthcontrol

Birth Control

Did you know that you are only fertile 6 days a month? So why are we taking hormonal birth control methods when we only need it for such a short period of time? #cyclefact

This is why I started using Natural Cycles. By tracking your ovulation date, the app can tell you when you can have unprotected sex by indicating “green days” versus days where you need protection to avoid becoming pregnant which are indicated by “red days”. It’s simple and it has worked for me for 3 years and counting!

The app does not protect against STIs/STDs and it is 98% effective in preventing pregnancy with perfect use and is 93% effective (the same as the pill!) with some slip ups whether than is measuring your temperature incorrectly or just forgetting one day to follow the important steps in tracking your cycle.

Pregnancy Planning

Natural Cycles is an amazing app for tracking your ovulation which is useful when you are planning to get pregnant. If you’ve already been using Natural Cycles to prevent pregnancy then you are already aware of how to use the ovulation test strips (LH) to help pinpoint your ovulation date.

To switch over, it is as simple as going to your profile settings and clicking on “Plan a Pregnancy”. The app will then tell you the best days for your chance to conceive based on the data you’ve previously entered. When we were planning to have Serena it was amazing to know exactly where my cycle was and use that data to give ourselves the best chance to have our daughter.

Pregnancy Tracking

Your basal temperature can also be used in tracking your pregnancy because it is linked to your progesterone hormonal changes which continues throughout pregnancy to help the fetus develop. This is especially useful because progesterone helps implant the fertilized egg in the uterus and it helps maintain a healthy pregnancy. Natural Cycles can help you to keep track of your temperature and may alert you to an issue with your progesterone so that you can seek medical attention to ensure you maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Negative Press

There has been negative press in regards to Natural Cycles due to unwanted pregnancies. However, that is because Natural Cycles is subject to human error like any other birth control method. You have to take responsibility and use the app correctly in order to get the prediction windows for when you must use protection. So, if you’re able and willing to take control of your body and your birth control then this app is for you!

Do you want to give it a try? Get 20% off using my referral link!

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